Which are the activities you would most prefer to be engaged in?

Just generally being social with other like-minded students.
I want to meet students of similar backgrounds.
I want to give back to the community through volunteer work.
I'm looking to enhance my educational experience.
I am looking to raise awareness for a particular cause.


What overall category of club would you be interested in?

Business / Finance
Health / Wellness
Hobbies / Interests
Music / Performing Arts
Politics / Social Justice


Are you looking to join a larger or smaller organization?

I would rather be a part of a smaller, more intimate group.
More than a couple dozen and I can't remember any names!
The bigger, the better.


What level of commitment are you prepared for?

I can only see myself being available several times in a semester.
A few times a month would probably be my upper limit.
Once or more a week would be awesome!


Would you be willing to spend money throughout the year to participate in special virtual events?

I really hope to avoid spending additional money throughout the year.
Maybe the rare occasion.
Of course I would. You only live once, right?


What are your feeling towards political discussions with fellow club members?

Totally not interested.
Would be just as happy to talk politics for the fun of it but prefer not to get carried away.
I am so down for discussion and debate.


What about a dress code?

I'd like to stick to my wardrobe.
I'm open-minded. I'll dress up if I have to.
Any opportunity to get dressed up and I'll take it!


It is important for you that any organization you join be fully accessible for those with disabilities?

Yes, absolutely.
Obviously it would be ideal, but it is not a particular need for me.

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